Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Doily

After so much time trying to finish tatting this black doily, I am finally done with it! When I started tatting it, I thought I could use a few minutes a day to relax and tat a few stitches. The problem was not having those free minutes, so there were weeks when I did not touch my shuttle...bummer!
So I started skipping lunch at work to tat, and THAT was my free time away from the twins and my hubby.

Well, I am happy to see the doily done, I think the black color made it really different and special. I am up for my next challenge, which God knows how long will take to be done...

Oh well!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rufled heart

This is my attempt to reproduce the "Ruffled Heart" pattern from Vicki Clarke. Not bad for such a begginer like me. I could not get a nice picture of it without the heart being wrinkled...What's wrong with me!

Between my job, the twins, my hubby and my commute, I have not had nearly enough time to dedicate to tatting...I normally would skip lunch to tat a little bit, but this past week I barelly had lunch.
It's right now 9:00 pm and the twins just fell asleep, I am running to try to do my nails and finish packing for tomorrow. I am going to Solvang, CA, which is about 2 hours driving from our house. Solvang is famous for its yarn shops, wineries and danish pastries - not is this order...but what a nice combination!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tatting again - a cute rose

While growing up in Brazil, I learned to crochet when I was 9 years old by watching my aunt do it. Since then, crocheting has been my "safety blanket". Even when I used to be an auditor and travel 85% of the time, crocheting on the road, in the airport or hotel room made me feel at home. Funny how that works.

After crocheting for 28 years (just volunteered my age!) I decided to perfect my tatting skills. I remember watching my aunt tat and being very confused with the mechanics of the craft. Never really tatted until last week.

Thanks to the Internet and a group of wonderful tatters I was able to learn the basics and am now tatting. There are amazing blogs with incredible amount of information and help to whoever wants to learn. OMG, I am now addicted to tatting!

I just finished my first piece of work, which is a rose with picot-petals. This rose was from a bookmark seen on Not perfect, but it is a start...

Cant wait for the next project...